Be An Everyday Activist: How One Person Can Start a Movement and Ignite Change

Date and Time
Thursday, January 28, 2021
12:00pm— 1:00pm
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Thursday, January 28, 2021
12 pm – 1 pm EST | 9 am – 10 am PST
Virtual - Zoom

Judy Wicks
WASIC Inaugural Ambassador,
activist, author, former owner The White Dog Café, prolific award winner, public speaker and serial entrepreneur


Judy Wicks will share her story of her crusade and commitment to unite urban and rural communities, build in sustainable local economies, and source and deliver nutritious food. She saw a problem, created community, and made an immeasurable contribution which changed the world. Over the course of her career she has continued to seek knew causes, founding several nonprofits along the way.

Come join with Judy to learn how each person has the power to make a difference and how one cause leads to more. She will elaborate on her unexpected journey to become a successful community leader and activist. She will highlight how building sustainable local economies and strengthening unity among urban and rural communities is the key to balancing community wealth and mitigating and preparing for climate change.


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