Climate: What's Gender Got To Do With It?

Date and Time
Thursday, December 3, 2020
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Elizabeth Marten Tiara Durham Ashley Quigley Asya Troychansky Sherin R Gobran Sherryl Kuhlman Fernando Batista Joan Larrea Zoey Toy Anne Morse David Lenefsky Sondra Greene Marie Puaux Nisha Chakravarty Marypat Smucker, CFA Hatvany Gomez Concepcion Lindsay Culbertson Elise Bernal Kristina Kohl Catherine Griffin Cyrille Arnould Julia Kurnik Sheri Hinish Emilio Sempris Juan Carlos Pereira Suzanne Biegel Lauren Burnhill Stefan Bulic Jene Thomas Jennifer Persson Guan Khoo Ratan Agarwal Bella Montilla Victoria Dipla Robin Matusow Angela Tedone Virginia Arranz Navaza Jeanne Justice Stephen Spulick Tom Brouillette Eduardo Cruz Rosa Maria Cervantes Cruz Caroline Dahllof Brandi DeCarli Anele Makhwaza Victoria Calderon Jeri Jensen Kate Kroeger
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December 3, 2020

7 am PST | 10 am EST | 3 pm GMT | 4 pm CET | 5 pm SAS

Virtual - Zoom


These short presentations by a range of sector specialists, will help develop and refine our understanding of how Gender is relevant to the issue of Climate Change by placing both gender and climate into the context of economic activities. Specific topics include: Energy & Environment, Climate Adaptation & Indigenous Women, Agriculture, Supply Chains and Social Impact Investment & Analytics.



Cyrille Arnould, Global Head, Energy & Environment European Investment Bank

Suzanne Biegel, Catalyst at Large, Gender Smart Investment Summit

Tracey Davies, Executive Director, Just Share South Africa

Catherine Griffin, Managing Director, Good Company Ventures (Social Impact), ImpactableX

Sheri Hinish, Founder, Supply Chain Queen

Julia Kurnik, Director, Innovative Startups WWF

Juan Carlos Pereira, Managing Partner, Add Value Management (Climate Smart Agriculture Fund)

Emilio Sempris, Former Minister of Environment, Panama, Co-founder, Brundtland School

Lauren Burnhill, Managing Director, One Planet Ventures, LLC - Executive Producer & Moderator


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