Future of Food

Date and Time
Wednesday, March 24, 2021
12:00pm— 1:30pm
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Bruce Friedrich, Co-Founder & Executive Director, The Good Food Institute

Chris Kerr, Founding Partner & CIO, Unovis Partners

Riana Lynn, Founder & CEO, Journey Foods

Roma McCaig, VP, Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability, Campbell Soup Company and

Ambassador Wharton Alumni Social Impact Club, (WASIC)


Elise Bernal, Impact Finance, The Greenbaum Foundation - Moderator

Head of Impact Entrepreneurship, Wharton Alumni Social Impact Club, (WASIC)


Global leaders will discuss the challenging issues facing today’s food industry: growing population, climate change, pandemics, rapidly advancing technology, confined fish farming, and climate change.

We will also be exploring questions around job security, corporate responsibility and consumer behavior as the systems are built around this Future of Food.

Our goal is to explore what opportunities there exist for us all to get involved in building this healthier and more sustainable future together.

What kind of Future of Food would you look like to see?

Please come with questions for the speakers!